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Quality management

We will be responsible for work efficiency and the results themselves

We offer complex solutions in quality control of parts and components.

We will take care of complex personnel, material and logistic support.

Complex services i personnel management

We specialise in providing complex quality control services. We respond promptly and try to ensure maximum work efficiency, thanks to extensive experience with setting up existing processes and starting a new production.

The most important for us is professional approach and satisfaction of our client


Parts control

Parts sorting

Parts assemblage

Final product control

Final product protection

Final product distribution

We will take care for a whole recruitment process from A to Z

From recruiting candidates to taking responsibility for efficiency

Arrange a business meeting

We will take care of the entire recruitment process, the result of which is qualified employees corresponding to the company's criteria.

Quality guarantee
services performed

  • a professional team of trained quality assurance staff
  • a database of suitable quality assurance workers meeting the client’s criteria
  • continuous service and supervision over the implementation of the project
  • availability of our solutions 24/7
  • flexible reaction time for order execution / contract execution
  • lucrative benefits for your company in long-term cooperation


We use our own premises and our own measuring devices for control of your parts and components – equipment, logistics centre – associated with the transport and delivery of your components and parts...


  • Coordinator responsible for project
  • Trained internal quality auditors
  • Professionally trained quality workers


  • Working equipment
  • Tools and instruments
  • Measuring tools (sliding gauges, micrometers, caliber…)
  • Working clothes
  • OHS equipment


  • Storage room
  • Transportation

Maxin's quality center

The client can fully focus on the results of the work and we will care about the rest!

Portfolio services


  • space for your production (use of space for assembly, pre-assembly, repair of parts, inspection control of parts)
  • qualified staff trained in quality control


  • Taking responsibility for the results and quality of the work performed
  • Reduction of production costs
  • Low operating costs
  • High skilled staff
  • Strategic location – Industrial Park Sučany, Martin
  • Complex material, personnel and logistical support

Sučany industrial park, Martin

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