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MAXIN’S interview… The life of the fighter brings not only wins but losses as well

The unique and exciting atmosphere, over 10,000 fans and the guys themselves, that all was OKTAGON 10 in the O2 Arena in Prague.

It was 17 November that was supposed to be the day of the battle for a belt between Gábor Boráros and David Kozma. Unfortunately, this time, Gábor’s opponent took home his belt. The reason was the early termination of the match. The second round became unfortunate to Gábor, he suffered a serious injury of his right knee. How he remember the match and much more in our article…

How do you feel about an unfortunate injury during the match?

First of all, I am very disappointed and sad. Sport and MMA is my life. I worked very hard, but I couldn’t show everything that night.

What is your current health situation after injury?

I was diagnosed with torn ligaments in my knee. It’s a fresh injury, it’s no wonder that it is still painful. But I believe the knee can be healed as soon as possible and I would be able to get back to training again. Whether a surgery is waiting for me? I fully trust my doctors. However, I am ready to rehabilitate 100% and return to the ring as soon as possible.

Would you like to meet in the ring again with David in the future?

I want to get better first, I need to fight for another title again. Whether I will meet David in the ring? It is very possible.

How do you feel about it overall?

I want to train at the gym again and get into 100% form as soon as possible. But I will never forget what happened, it is disappointing for me.

What is your message for your fans?

I thank all the fans, the sponsors, the family, they stand with me and give me the motivation. They are now my support to overcome the worst times. You can’t even imagine how grateful I am to all of them … Every message from fans and friends gives me the strength to overcome these bad moments. I will fight to the end, I promise you all. People believe me … I’m their GABI … Fighter in every situation …

   Good luck Gábor… MAXIN’S Group

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