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MAXIN’S COMPETITION! For 2 tickets for octagon history’s highest tournament in Slovakia – OKTAGON 9.

We decided to organize our first contest, and that’s for all MMA enthusiasts and Oktagon!


As we are great fans of Gábor Boráros we decided that MAXIN’S Group should not miss the historically biggest tournament in Slovakia OKTAGON 9. Do not even miss the chance to win 2 tickets and see the tournament with us!

“The harder the fight, the more amazing the triumph”

Status of the competition

I. Contest organizers

Section 1: The contest organizer (the “Competition”) is MAXIN’S GROUP, s.r.o., With its registered office at Bajkalská 22, Bratislava- mestskáčasťRužinov, 82109, Slovak Republic,

2023631423, registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court Bratislava I, (hereinafter referred to as “the Organizer”).

II. Date and place of the contest

Paragraph 1: The competition runs from 5th September 2018 until 11.9.2018 until 15.00.

Paragraph 2: The competition is running on the Facebook social network:

III. Terms of Participation in the Competition

Paragraph 1: The contest is for all users of Facebook (“users”) who have a permanent residence in the territory of the Slovak Republic or the Czech Republic. By joining the contest, the user agrees to its terms and conditions.

Paragraph 2: Conditions for participation in the competition: Have a personal profile on the Facebook social network.

Section 3: Participation in the competition gives the contestant approval under § 7 par. 1.2 zák. .C. 428/2002 Coll. on the protection of personal data with the processing of his or her personal data for the purpose of evaluating the competition and informing the winner.

Paragraph 4: The contest organizer is not responsible for any technical error, damage or destruction of the database of competition profiles or parts of them as part of the electronic registration for the competition.

Paragraph 5: Participants in the Competition are excluded from the Organizer’s staff and their close associates. In the event that the winner becomes a person who is an employee of the listed companies or a close person, the win will not be surrendered and lost to the Promoter. If such a person has already taken over the winnings, the winner is obliged to return the prize immediately to the Promoter on the basis of a written invitation by the Promoter to replace the full prize of the respective prize.

Rules of Competition Section 1: The contestant’s role is to follow the facebook page of MAXIN’S GROUP, sro, to “like it” for this page, to give “I like it” to the competition post and to comment on the question why competitors would like to win tickets on the mentioned OCTAGON HISTORY OF THE OLDEST TOURNAMENT IN SLOVAKIA – OKTAGON 9.

The winner is requested randomly and selected by the organizer of the contest.

Paragraph 2: Participating in the competition Competitors confirm the knowledge and consent to these competition rules.

V. Prices

Paragraph 1: The Prize is secured and handed over by the Organizer. It is possible to obtain a competition


Place of organization: Ondrej Nepelu Winter Stadium, Bratislava


Winning includes:

  • Tickets in 2 pieces for one winner

Paragraph 2: The winner of the competition will be informed of the winner of the competition’s contribution to the profile

not later than 2 days after the end of the contest. The winner will be contacted via a private message.

VI. Determining the winner

Paragraph 1: The determination of the winner will take place within two days of the end of the competition.

Paragraph 2: The winner, after sending the contact details, will be forwarded in the form of a registered mail to the contact details provided to the winner.

Section 3: Contact details of the name, surname, e-mail, and phone number are required by the winner to deliver to the contest organizer via a private social network Facebook at the latest within one business day of receiving notification of winning by private message social network Facebook.

If the contestant does not complete or complete the contact data, the re-draw will take place and the winner will be transferred to the new winner.

Paragraph 4: The right to win can not be transferred to another person.

Paragraph 5: The organizer reserves the right to substitute the win in this statute for winnings of similar type and value if for objective reasons the winning prize can not be secured without incurring undue effort.

Paragraph 6: Winnings are not legally enforceable. The win can not be redeemed in cash. Unrealized winnings are lost to the Organizer.

Paragraph 7: Competitors who publish vulgar or otherwise (at the discretion of the Contest Organizer) in a good manner contrary to the competition will be excluded from the Competition without further notice and their contributions will be blocked. The same way will be followed for contestants who in any way violate the rules of this competition.

VII. Final provisions

Paragraph 1: The game is in no way controlled or otherwise linked to Facebook. The contestant agrees with the competition status and knowingly provides his / her data to the contest organizer, not Facebook. The information provided by the contestant will be used to contact the winner and marketing purposes. The contest organizer does not reimburse the Participant for any costs or damages that may arise in connection with their participation in the competition, respectively. in connection with the win in the competition.

Paragraph 2: The organizer reserves the right to exclude suspicious or abnormal behavior from players whose activities indicate fraudulent behavior.

Paragraph 3: The contest organizer reserves the right to change the competition status or complete the contest at its sole discretion.

In Bratislava, 5. 9. 2018 at 13.00

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