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MAXIN’S and new cooperation with Martina Mečiarová in the education of client employees

We are constantly striving for various innovations, improvements and also for establishing new collaborations.

It was October 2019 and we attended one of the trainings, which can’t be forgotten. It was a workshop on improving communication skills led by Martina Mečiarová. And then we asked ourselves, “Why not?” And so, a new cooperation was established between us and Martina.

Our vision is to organise group and individual courses, seminars and workshops for managers, HR professionals, team leaders, etc. Our intention is to provide a professional, quality and complex service in education and development of the potential of our clients’ employees.

We offer a wide portfolio of topics, created for the needs of our clients.

The participant of our courses will gain not only knowledge, but also practical skills that will help him to improve his existing knowledge. The result of course is experience that help to create real and practical solutions in the workplace.

What is experiential training?

Experiential training uses experience as a resource of education. It is not only based on the provision of information, but actively involves participants in various activities and real situations. This creates an experience for individuals. Experience is then stored deeper and longer in the memory, making the newly acquired knowledges and skills easier to use in practice.

Who is Martina Mečiarová

She is best known from commercial Markíza TV channel, where she worked for 13 years presenting Reflex or Teleráno programs. She presented hundreds of live broadcasts, prestigious events and professional events. She worked for the news channel TA3 as an executive editor of news programs and as a spokesperson and PR manager of TA3.

She shifted her presenting activities for television to creating her own projects. Since 2017, she has been responsible for the content of the internet TV She is presenter of panel discussion programmes, social events and conferences.

Martina studied Slovak language, literature and aesthetics at FF PU. She completed a number of professional educational programs, such as Personnel Management programme at Palacký University in Olomouc.

She specialises in training, mentoring and personal growth of clients. She trains and lectures people in business and regional policy in the topic of social and business protocol and etiquette, effective communication, including communicating to audiences and media training.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more info.

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